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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Mobile Notary Service

Why You Should Use A Mobile Notary Service.

Fraud can be widespread when executing legal documents. But now, you can prevent fraud and make sure paperwork is signed correctly when you have a notary public present at the time of signing!

The notary public will require signatories to prove their identities and check the documents for certain details, and ensure that all parties involved aren’t signing due to threats or intimidation, ensuring a smooth, easy, perfectly legal process.

But having to drive to an off-site location to get documents notarized can take time out of your busy day. Instead, have the notary public come to you.

Efficient Transactions

In San Diego, driving can be time consuming and traffic can be frustrating. Don’t waste time driving to a notary office — have the mobile notary public visit you at a location of your choosing. A mobile notary can help you beat traffic — and more! Unlike notary offices, which often run on a schedule, a traveling notary can meet you after hours or on the weekends and come directly to your location.


If you happen to be doing business in a smaller area with fewer notary services around, it’s still possible to get your documents signed correctly and without hassle. Whether you’re in a small town, out in the field, or busy somewhere else, a mobile public notary can come visit you to validate documents and ensure all signatures are correct.

Assistance for All Populations

All parties must be present when signing certain documents and a notary public must verify the parties’ identities. Both of those conditions can be difficult under certain circumstances. That’s where a mobile notary public comes in — their onsite services can go where clients can’t. For example, elderly, ill, or bedridden clients can all be helped by mobile notary service for ease of use and convenience.

Reasonable Cost

The cost of a mobile notary may vary depending on state law. Different jurisdictions have a maximum fee that these professionals can charge for their services. However, there is often a flat fee for notarization of the first document, with a lower additional fee for each additional notarial act.

When you’re dealing with a mobile notary service, you can expect a charge for travel time and/or mileage. However, you should always consider the value of your time: you might spend much less for a mobile notary public as compared to the money you lose from missed business opportunities due to traffic, gas money, transportation costs, and loss of time.

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